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Kynn, derived from Kin, is a new generation of shapewear celebrating women, self-love and self-acceptance.We're redefining your second skin of confidence with a focus on high quality fabrics, innovative form fitting silhouettes and a new level of comfort that reveals a sexier, curvier, more confident you. We're inspiring new connections, new family, new Kynn. Welcome to the family.

Welcome to the family

meet the founders

Sister duo Bronwyn and Jessica Payne.

From curating Auckland's trendiest hotspots like Elmo's and Hoppers Garden Bar in the hospitality scene, these visionary sisters set their sights on the world of fashion. Just like many founders, Kynn was born our of a personal pain point. After trying various shape wear options and coming up empty-handed in their quest for comfort, sexiness, and sustainability, they took matters into their own hands. But their vision extends far beyond just looking good; it's about feeling good too.

Kynn isn't your ordinary smoothing technology with a snatched waist - it's a community, a safe space for women to embrace their best selves. Our founders believe that it's not only about powerful shaping solutions but also about empowering women and fostering a sense of belonging. With Kynn, you'll experience more than just remarkable products; you'll become part of a supportive sisterhood.

Our Philosophy

  • Forever Lasting Quality

    Kynn is a brand that reimagines fashion, prizing longevity over fleeting trends. We reject fast-fashion's ephemeral appeal and offer collections that are a testament to time, crafted in small production runs with robust materials. Our pride lies in our organic cotton range and in our Everyday bodysuits that are locally made in New Zealand. We emphasize high-quality fabric and impeccable fit over momentary fads, thereby fostering sustainable consumption.

  • Earth-Friendly Packaging

    Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our dedication to responsible production practices and the use of sustainable materials whenever possible. Our packaging bears the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification and is made of up to 80% recycled materials. In addition, we collaborate with printers that use soy and water-based inks, a greener alternative to traditional petroleum-based ink. While we have made significant strides, we acknowledge that our journey towards full sustainability is ongoing. We are devoted to continually improving, playing our part in preserving our shared home for future generations.

  • Ethical, Safe, and Sustainable Practices

    All our suppliers and factories adhere to the stringent standards of the AMFORI's trade with purpose certification. This code of conduct, rooted in significant international labor standards such as the ILO conventions, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the OECD's guidelines for multinational enterprises, encompasses 11 core labor rights. Our partners are committed to implementing these rights throughout their supply chains progressively. We firmly believe in conducting business ethically, and this commitment reflects in every facet of our brand.

  • All-Inclusive Support

    Kynn stands for absolute inclusivity. We've crafted our collection with every woman in mind. Our products, designed for all skin tones and body sizes, range from XS to 5XL. We deliver quality, style, and substance, believing that the diversity and expression of our Kynn family are what make us vibrant and unique.
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